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  • Tetsuya Shiraishi

Auditor Advantages!!


The Chubbuck's Workshop is a life changing experience for the actors on stage, as well as the auditors in the room. The 2 day event, includes several transformative and interactive exercises, which everyone in the audience will actively participate in. As an example, the room will engage in exercises, which enable each individual to, easily and deeply, open up one’s emotional resources, activating your ability to get to your true emotions, in a simple, profound and effective way. Everyone will also learn and experience how to create chemistry, through the “Chemistry Exercise”, individually and as a group.

Each scene in the workshop has been carefully selected so that the actors can face key aspects of what it takes to deliver great and lasting performances. Each and every one in the audience will face the same challenges, figuring them out alongside the actors on stage. Asking yourself questions such as “what would I use?”, “what choice would I make here?”.

The 2 day event is an interactive, eye opening experience and through watching, listening and participating, it will become more clear on how to use The 12 step, Chubbuck's Technique. It will provide you with effective and practical tools and will facilitate your ability to apply them successfully, with effective results in the real world.

Ivana Chubbuck runs workshops and masterclasses all around the world. Both actors on stage and auditors alike have had huge advances in their careers, changing their lives on and off the stage, by virtue of their participating in the workshop.

Writers, directors, teachers and agents have benefited greatly from observing her workshop, not only because of it’s interactive nature, but because the very foundation of the Chubbuck Technique is based on the human experience, and the fundamental elements of storytelling and performance and being proactive in change. The essence of the Chubbuck Technique is not to use emotional pain as an end in itself, but rather to “use emotional pain and fears as a fuel to overcome and WIN.” This thought process can be useful for success in script analysis, and your life.

If you like to join us as an auditor, send us an email to the following address and let us know! We are looking forward to having you!!!



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